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It feels good to be free April 9, 2005

Posted by rockerfem in Uncategorized.

Oh my gosh, I’m free at last. Shit, this really feels good. I submitted my paper in 182 yesterday. I finished my paper actually 2 days ago but then my freakin’ printer’s so slow! i started printing at about 12 midnight and then i finished printing at 9 am! my gad.. Anong petcha na? hahah. Then I slept for about 4 hours, went to school and submitted my inch thick paper. I kept on praying na “sna hindi ako ma-ipr.” i really checked my citations and biblio.. haha. YOko na mapraning.. hehe.. Well anyway, my sem’s over so it’s time to do other things na..

Now, what shall I do? I have 2 whole months of vacation. Well i’m planning to apply for a summer job. Just want something to do and I wanna earn some dough. On Monday I have an interview.. Sana matanggap ako. Also, part of my decisions in accepting a job is the org. I love the org. Now I have a bigger responsibility of pulling off the org’s activities in the coming school year. I’m not the only person to run the org, actually with the help of my execom hehe WE can make this thing work!

I’m actually excited for the coming school year. Graduating na ako! yey.. 2 sems to go and I’ll be finished with college. It’s time to face the “real” world.

I have nothing to say. Kelangan ko karir! =)



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