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end of time May 17, 2005

Posted by rockerfem in Uncategorized.

Today’s my last day at the office. At first I was so excited to get out of the office. But then when I was already saying my goodbyes to my officemates, I was saddened coz they were saying that they’ll miss me.. hehe. bka naman press release nila. Pero some of them asked for my contact numbers so I think sincere naman sila. I will miss coming to that office, seeing the same persons.. pero i have to go back to reality. Focus on the org naman.. oh well. It rained kanina.. Yey! After hakot biglang umulan.. ngayon naman ang lamig. hehe.



1. bughaw na langit - May 18, 2005

hi! buti ka pa, tapos na ang ojt mo. ako til june pa. well, 1st week or 2nd week. pero ok lang yon. may dahilan naman ako kung bakit gusto kong mag extend. yun lang. kainggit, at least may few weeks ka pa to enjoy your summer vacation. ingat!

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