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Ang pakikisama… May 23, 2005

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At last, finished na ang last bagsakan sa FOPC. Konte lng ang nagbagsak at nangarir ng mga rummage. Baba lng naman points kc makukuha don. Well anyway, no more dugyot at 10 ibanag days! I hope we could get the socio freshie block.. Yeah, makukuha namin iyon! It’s been a rough time for the org to cope. In the middle of the panic that the “other” might get the block, our VP externals suddenly quits. It was a Wednesday, we were at the office of our orgmate in Pasig. I scolded her ” San ka nanggaling?”. We were supposed to meet in La Vista at 1 pm, but she was out of sight. I didn’t really expect her to be in Pasig because she was supposed to be in La Vista sorting the papers and PET bottles. I didn’t know where she came from that’s why I asked her where the hell she was. She didn’t even text me where the hell she was. It all started with miscommunication. Honestly, she is my friend and up to this very moment as I write this blog entry. I was hurt that in the middle of the work, she suddenly gives up. Kung baga, iniwan ka sa ere. That is betrayal for me. I would want to be professional with her because I do not want to play favorites with the Execom. Everybody should be treated equally. I couldn’t blame her because I know I hurt her feelings. I am also hurt, hindi lang ikaw.

When you are holding a position in an organization, one important thing kasi is to think of the benefit of the org hindi lang ang PANSARILING kaligayahan/ kagustuhan. There are many times that I’ve sacrificed for the org. It is a fact that sometimes there are people who are not easy to get along with. But that is the one thing EACH AND EVERY MEMBER SHOULD KNOW, because it has always been reiterated during INDUCTION NA DAPAT MARUNONG KANG MAKISAMA. Kahit ayaw mo sa kanya, you should work together as a team. Ika nga eh, “There are things in this world that you do not want but YOU HAVE TO DO IT. “ Kung ayaw mong makisama, wala kaming magagawa, you can go.

I don’t know how things will be when 1st sem starts.

Ano ba ito, wala pa ngang 1st sem, problema na kaagad.



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