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First Day FUNK! June 7, 2005

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I hate that Song! But then, since it is the first day of classes and Parokya ni Edgar was in UP kanina to promote Rexona’s First day funk… Ewwwww. I really hate that song. Well anyway, I was early for my 830-10 class. I arrived school at 8:00 am so I decided to go to CASAA and eat my breakfast. But still I was early because I went up to my classroom at the 4th floor of AS ( yakk kapagod) at 8:20 am. Bilis ko kumain. =) My first class was Anthro 1. I thought we were just gonna sign our classcards and then chuva na. He dismissed us at 9:50 am. Sakto. Well it’s ok anyway coz I have super loooooongggg break. 10-1. Gosh, nothing to do. It just makes me spend more. Then I went to FC to buy a cigarette. Some people there were having a sound check, parang may gig. Tama nga. Then 1 pm came. I am once again taking up a theory class with my professor for 3 straight sems already. ( favorite kba siya?!! hmmm) Hinde, sanayan lang. My classmates there were already familiar to me. Most of us struggled to survive this professor for 2 straight sems. Some of them already transferred to Prof. David’s class but generally we are still in tact. Since we’ve been classmates with this professor ( Let’s name her, Prof. Marcia Fernandez) for 2 semesters, we jokingly established a name for ourselves, mimicking a fraternity–> ALPHA MARCIA SIGMA. heheh. We have one addition to the ALPHA MARCIA SIGMA fraternity… Sarap mag-initiate! hehe. As usual, our first reading assignments are her ever favorite Sociologist, Roberto Mangabeira Unger and of course the Sociological Imagination of Charles Wright Mills. By taking up those readings and understanding it actually helps one to analyze different theories. It’s actually a framework. I’ve been so used to this framework but I could not say that I am an expert at this. As usual, she kept on babbling as if we are already in our lesson proper. Lang patawad! She dismissed us at 2:10 pm. Grr. So much for a first day.

First official activity of the org: Freshmen Welcome. Actually, i felt excited to see the new sociology freshmen. This only means one thing, I AM GETTING OLD! wahhh! This is the third batch of sociology freshies I’ve encountered. Of course, I am not the only one getting old. Those batches also grew old with me.. =) The welcome party was ok. It was a success I believe. This batch of freshies are different. I can sense that they are ma-“bibo” hehe. Well I hope that we could pull off our plans to make them members of our organization.

I’m actually excited for this semester. Well it’s because I’ll be graduating soon. I was so enthusiastic to write on the classcard my year level “4th”. hehe. My gosh. I’ve gone this far. And then goodbye UP….

I’m tired. Gotta rest.



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