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and i love her August 28, 2005

Posted by rockerfem in Uncategorized.

It’s official. We’re officially starting a relationship. She popped up the question, ” wud u be my girlfriend?” in the morning of August 27. I was shocked because I am not expecting her to ask me that this early. We’ve been together for about 3 weeks already. We seem to act like we’re already in a relationship. In that three weeks, we were “exclusively dating”. But i’m ready. She’s ready. We’re both ready. This is a new chapter of my life. After one year of searching and being single, I’ve finally found a new person to give my tender, loving care.. hehe. I think nothing would really change. Maybe a little.

I love her. Why? Because she gives me this much attention and exerts effort to take good care of me. She’s sensitive about my needs, appreciates the things that I do for her. She’s extremely kind to me and to my friends. I feel safe whenever I’m with her. It’s as if nobody can hurt me.

I will not let anyone ruin whatever we have right now.

I’m happy. I’m extremely happy.

I feel like I had a rebirth.

Thanks for coming into my life baby.

I love you. I demand nothing right now. I just wanna be with you.



1. ycoy - September 10, 2005

haha. you demand nothing RIGHT NOW.

mwahaha. operative word being.


m glad you’re happy, sha.


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