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delayed rantings October 25, 2005

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Another sem has passed and i am about to embark a new journey… really finishing college. Next sem’s my last sem ( hopefuly ). I am starting to wonder where I will work, what my job would be etc… Am i ready to face the world? Also, i am starting to think of my relationship with my girlfriend as well. But before I think of bigger things, i would have to worry about the kms first.

to tell you frankly, i am not satisfied with the org. I feel that we do not work well. I know people at my back talk shit about me. Everybody’s blaming me because the org is not performing well. This sem’s really the worst sem ever. My acads were affected because of other obligations i have to do. Other than academic, i have to do some chores at home and also my application in Babaylan. I Know that my orgmates have been blaming my application to Babaylan that’s why I am not visible to them.. Hello?! Do i have to be with them 24/7? I do not forget to get myself updated with the execom. Is it my fault that i wasn’t able to attend the acle because i was in the province because of my lola’s death? I know i have responsibilities, i need to do sacrifices. That is what i am doing… Sacrificing everything, especially my acads, just to attend to important obligations. Just to please you kms. My batchmates wouldn’t bother attending our GA’s and FI’s because they have to do the things they have to do for our rev lit for example. But me, I stayed even though I know that i haven’t finished my paper yet. If you think that I am having the time of my life because I already have a girlfriend, you are definitely wrong. She’s my refuge whenever I feel exhausted of my life because of all the pressures i am experiencing. She’s not pressuring me like others do.

I am not justifying that what I did was right. I know I also have mistakes in handling situations. Basically, I just wuld like to say that it’s not primarily all my fault. Everybody has a share of mistakes in the org. Now all we have to do is pick up the pieces and move on. Hopefully, we’ll have a nice second sem.

I do not hate kms. I love kms nga eh. I just hate those people who do not understand. I don’t know who you are but know there are people who thought of me that way. Call it paranoia but i know it’s true. Try to assess what you’ve done for the org and think if you contributed to what it is right now…



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