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So slow Sunday July 22, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in personal, Random Thoughts.

It’s another NU 107 soundtrippin’ sunday. it’s nice to hear my old favorite songs which i have forgotten that i’ve liked them. I’m just bumming around here at home. I started my Sunday blues at abt 5 am morning on the net, just coming home from a night out w my former colleagues in Eperformax.. WE went to Grilla in Kalayaan had a few drinks then sang our hearts out in Prov. Went home at abt 5 am, thx for Mark Chu for dropping me home.Good thing i saw Gli, a good friend of mine, in Prov. Updated some stories and then part ways. I slept at abt 630 am then woke up at 11 am and went online again..

The nice thing abt soundtripping w NU on a sunday is that u hear the songs that u grew up w. Then silly memories come back, also painful memories.. Is it really like that? When it’s a sunday, almost all the radio stations play old songs.. Sunday is really the day to reflect on ur life. It is the day to reflect the things that you did during the week and assess if it was worth doing it. For this week’s assessment, hmm i think it was ok. It seems a little sad to be alone and no one to really cuddle with. That is why my motto for this wk is: “Flirtation is the best thing to overcome loneliness”. I make it a point to at least come to work early just to see my eye candy butch.. The bad thing is there’s no chance of checking her out up close bec our station is in the both ends of the floor. oh my gosh.. how cld we ever have a decent point of contact. Though her locker is right behind me, I wish we have the same break scheds so that I cld at least smile at her. I don’t even have her real name.. all i have is a nickname and her ext nbr.

Oh well, gotta go back to chatting..



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