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Dating August 23, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in Uncategorized.

Why is it that when you are single, people around you feel that every butch you meet is a potential “karir”. It’s not that when you meet someone and become friends eventually “nagkakariran” na kayo. Well, fine, all of the butches i meet are single. It just so happened that we’re all single and it seems we’re dating. Well we just communicate through text and chat and even went out once ( both of them once plang). I wouldn’t call them dates because it’s just 2 people going out to have dinner. No ‘romantic’ links yet, just plain talking abt everything under the sun. But when do u call a date a “date”?

I remember when I was in high school, my personality and development teacher taught us in class that it only becomes a date when there are two people going out who have a mutual understanding and it should involve only a boy and a girl . At that early age, I disputed that statement ( well, only to myself ) because I have a girlfriend at that time. Hehe. And we used to date then so that is my reality of what a date should be. Sex ( the typification) is not important, for as long as there are 2 people who have a “romantic” link are going out, that is called a date. I think after my teacher told us that statement, i rebelled against her reality that it’s not only “straight” people that can experience dating. It really sucks to know that there are bigots like that and treat lgbt experiences as a joke. Well, I can’t blame her ignorance. That is how she was socialized by her parents. I believe that she has the notion that biology follows behavior. That everything is dictated by biology and shouldn’t deviate from that. It’s so old school. Hello.



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