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Pride of Being Alone October 29, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in personal.

Just got home from Robinson’s Galleria. After voting for the Bgy elections, I went straight to Rob Galle to watch a movie alone. It’s Manila Pride Fest. I wanted to support the lgbt community and this is one way to show my advocacy. Too bad I wasn’t able to see a lesbian film but what the hell. For the 3 pm show, they showed 2 films. One was a short film directed by a Filipino director entitled “Kananete” and the other one is a film noir entitled “2 minutes later”. It was my first time to watch a movie alone. Hehe.

“Kananete” focused on gay love ( m2m) . It’s a story abt a gay man’s (jeff) struggle of moving on from his lover ( ryan) who has fidelity issues. Even though his lover has done it twice he still comes back to him. The tragedy here was then when Jeff finally left their house something bad happened to his lover. Ryan was nabbed by a man who stole his cellphone while he was out looking for him. The story is realistic, even though I am a lesbian I know I can relate to that. The setting is just simple, no flashy effects. It’s a bit sensual but it didn’t really focus on gay sex, u could feel the “love” than lust unlike other gay films.

“2 Minutes Late” is a film about a gay man (Michael) who has a twin brother ( Kyle) whom he haven’t seen for 10 years. His brother went missing and he came to his twin brother’s place to investigate on his death. He pretended to be his twin brother and realized that his brother’s life isn’t that “perfect” as what he assumed. He had a demented childhood growing up with his twin because everybody favored the “older” twin than him. The movie’s entitled that way because the lead character was born 2 minutes late than his twin. Michael had someone to help him with the investigation, a lesbian investigator named Abigail. The 2 of them tracked Kyle’s last appearances and activities, spoke with the models that Kyle last photographed with. Basically, the film just mimicked the “hetero’s ” way of solving mysteries. The only difference here is that it only portrayed gay characters and the presence of the gay community in the scenes.

After the movies, I went to Gloria Jeans to have some cigarettes and coffee. Then I bought a pair of pants and tried on some clothes.



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