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It just couldn’t get any better than this December 2, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in personal.

It just keeps getting better everyday. Yesterday, one of my best friends in college suddenly messaged me in downelink. This is verbatim: “ Saw you the other week, but I’m sorry I didn’t say Hi. Nahiya ako e. Sana nahiya ka rin kaya hindi ka nagHi. Hehe. Kamusta na? I hope you are well”. Now let me narrate to you what happened in the past to get the picture…

I had a girlfriend then, who wasn’t over her ex-girlfriend for 5 years. When my girlfriend then learned that her ex-girlfriend is now my friend’s girlfriend, she couldn’t accept it. Did we break up then? NO, stupid me. Instead, I stood by her and turned away from my friend who was with me more than her, who was with me when I was so miserable with my ex then 3 years ago. Now maybe you’re thinking what kind of friend am I.. Well I’ve already said sorry to her through my blog but no personal “sorry” per se. For more than a year, I have been yearning for us to be friends again. I feel bad abt it, it’s such a shame that our friendship ended just like that. I chose my girlfriend then than her and also the people around her. That is why I have been out of reach with my UP friends. Aside from weird work schedules, I also didn’t want to bump into her. I see her online, I say hi but nothing more than that. I just don’t know where to start. I said to myself, the only time that we could be friends again is when we escape from the shadows of those 2 people who separated us. My ex girlfriend Cathy then and her girlfriend ( rather it’s her ex girlfriend now i think?) Nicole. So when I got her invitation in Downelink, I was overwhelmed. I think this is a start of our friendship again. I hope so. I just miss everything that we do coz we’ve been friends eversince college. We shared lots of stuff together ( not girlfriends of course). And by the way, she’s a butch lesbian and you might not know that I’m a femme lesbian BUT we never had romantic inclinations between us. Many people think that we could make it as a couple because we jive real good. I believe that’s not true. I don’t know, there are some people that I just don’t think abt the potentiality of being a couple. Getz? It’s better if we remain as friends and that’s it, no more no less.

So there. I am thinking this is really a good beginning. A new love, a new old friendship to build and the new year’s coming up too! I am really looking forward to a new life. Really.



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