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Pride March program December 9, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in homosexuality, lgbt, Malate, Penguin, personal, Pride March, up babaylan.

We were supposed to really “march” then but we weren’t able to because my contact person doesn’t know where exactly they are.. So we just attended the Pride March program. I was with Karla, of course, and it was our first time to attend such an event. For me it felt liberating because it was my first time and you’re with people who have conviction about LGBT issues. Of course I was with UP babaylan contingent. It’s been a long time since I hung out with UP babaylan people. It feels good that you’re with the people of your own kind. It’s very rare that I get a chance to mingle with people who have a kind of mindset not very common in the “normal” world.

A little vignette here: While we were watching a program, I was able to converse with a woman who was sitting beside me on stage.While Karla was busy taking pictures, that woman who I thought was a lesbian, talked to me and was asking me some questions about the program. She looked foreign so I entertained her. She introduced herself to me, her name was Abby and she asked for my number. She asked if I was gay, I said yes and she couldn’t believe it. I saw Karla glanced, thinking maybe this woman is making the moves to you know.. Well fortunately, she wasn’t. She’s straight and was actually nice because she’s open about homosexuality. She said she had a husband before but got separated. I am thinking she’s in the middle of identity crisis and not really confirming about it. She looks butch though. The program ended, our conversation ended. She kissed both of us on the cheek and said good luck to our relationship. Isn’t that sweet? Hehe.

After the program, we went to Shakey’s to have dinner. I wasn’t expecting my orgmates are gonna be there but anyway we still ate dinner with them. The good thing is Dan, one of Babaylan’s alumnus, treated all of us for dinner. Isn’t that cool? Heheh. He works in HongKong Disneyland as a dancer. hehe. I just miss hearing gay conversations that I don’t usually hear in the “normal world”. I hear gay lingo all around.. Well I couldn’t speak fluently but I could only understand some terms. I became Karla’s translator for the night for her to be able to grasp the meanings from the conversations. After dinner, we don’t have anywhere to go so we decided to check out Penguin, Armi said there’s an “exclusive” there.. So we came to Penguin, it was Karla’s virgin moment. Kadangyan played that night, we sat there smoked some cigarettes, saw some familiar people and drank a couple of beers. Kate, one of our common friends, asked us to come with her to Bed ( not bed- bed but Bed, a gay bar in Malate) where my orgmates in Babaylan are partying. So we went inside, full of discreet male gays and only a couple of women inside. Karla and I danced the night away, this time much closer and *ahem*. Hehe. Got tired of dancing, we ate sisig in Cart Noodle then ended the night with a kiss and took a cab.

This is called the “gay gimmick night” because we’re gay, we’re with gays and proud to be gays.

here are the pix:



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