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49 December 17, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in gigs, personal.

I was supposed to wait for 2 people after work but unfortunately injanero sila. Well for Naomi who says she owes me an explanation kebs na and as for Lhette, it’s ok i perfectly understand she has a meeting eh.

While waiting for my baby to finish work, I stayed in Starbucks Dela Rosa. While drinking my iced white chocolate mocha and smoking I was also talking to Margo over the phone just to get away with boredom. After talking to Margo, I decided to read my credit card statement. As I was scanning my expenses there ( oh gosh good luck maxed out credit card! hehe), may naririnig akong sumusutsot saken.. I really didn’t bother to look at that person who was inside the car. I was not expecting anyone naman to wait for me with a car naman eh. So there, I was there still reading I suddenly glanced coz nangangawit na leeg ko. I saw the guy wiggling his u know what.. ewww it’s really gross. I wasn’t even in my glamorous self when it happened. I was just wearing a plain baby tee shirt, jeans and rubber shoes. No make up at all. Ewww.. I texted my baby then at once and Margo whom I was talking to abt a few minutes after that incident. After ranting that freaky incident, we went to glorietta coz we’ll be having a dinner with Karla’s best friend and his boyfriend..

We were supposed to eat dinner in Cabalen but there was an exclusive party then so we tried to check out Dad’s also, had no luck as well ( dami tao..). We ended up in TGI Friday’s. It was a double date hehe. After dinner we decided to have some coffee in Starbucks g4. Prior to going there, Karla and I decided to go to the ladies room first. It was quite a shock, Ycoy was there. Remember the long time college friend whom I had some misunderstandings and what not for more than a year.. I never really expected her to be there.. Well she’s still a girl so she has the right to be there. I invited her to have coffee with us after they go to Time Zone. Then Ycoy came when we were already having our coffee. We updated stories, well actually I think it was only me who updated stories. Especially the previous dates I had then after my legitimate gf then Cathy. I was so eager to tell her stories as in. For more than a year of not speaking with each other there are lots of stories to tell. The funny thing abt us is that we don’t need to say the actual “I’m sorry” to each other.. I don’t know, we just feel that we’re ok and that’s it. Well that’s how really friends are. I’ve finally introduced her to my girlfriend. the 3 of us have a common friend, well as for Ycoy it was her ex-girlfriend then. hehe. The world is really small. I mean the lesbian world is really small. Hehe. So everybody has left and then it’s just the 2 of us.

This night was planned because I will be staying the night with Karla ( again!). It was hard to get a cab around Makati then. It took us 2 or 3 hrs to get a cab, we even went as far as makati ave to get a cab. There are xmas parties left and right that’s why the demand for a cab is really high. It’s either it has a passenger or refused us. We were able to get a cab abt 1 am or something, we were with a guy who was from Better Living, Pque as well. We arrived Karla’s house abt 2 am.. So tired. Well that’s fine, we have the whole day ahead to be together alone.

So the morning after , I’m still with Karla. We just stayed home, bummed around. We left her house at abt 6 pm, she’s gonna go to her company’s xmas party in Grappa’s Greenbelt. Before she attended the xmas party, we ate dinner in Mexicali ( burritos yummy!). I really had a big appetite then hehe. After dinner, I headed home but only stayed for 2 hours because I still wanna be with her. So I came back to Greenbelt, just picked her up coz we’ll be going to MagNet in The Fort. Margo invited me to come ( she was with her cousins by the way), Taken by Cars will be having a gig there and some other bands. Other bands that performed were Bandang Shirley and The Dorks. The performers were good.. After the gig, we didn’t go with Margo anymore and thus decided to just have coffee in Gloria Jeans ( gloria maris?! hehe). There karla and I found the crossbreed coffee beanies. Check out Karla’s blog abt it.. We were just having a laughtrip while we’re in Gloria Jean’s. hehe. We ended our 49 hour rendevouz at abt 4 am with a smile on our faces.



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