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Last gimmick before the year ends December 30, 2007

Posted by rockerfem in personal, St. Scho.

I’m on a VL last Dec 29 just for the heck of it so i had my day planned ahead. I have 2 activities to do for the day: get together with the St Scho Kada in the afternoon and then Exclusive in the evening. The kada get together was held in Vanes and Margo’s condo opposite Rob Galleria. Around lunchtime, I fetched Karla in Gloria Jeans Galleria then got the key for the condo from Vanes because she’s still having a meeting then and Margo was still on her way there. So Karla and I alone in my friends’ condo. Then the girls arrived, Bans, Meggy, Nowie ( and Caleb too), Margo, Vanes and Jihan. We had lots of food: Brooklyn pizza, siomai ( my mom made that, the super in demand siomai back in high school then hehe), pita bread thingies brought by Meggy, goldilocks cake log brought by Nowie and Tequila Rose ( alcoholic drink hehe) brought by Jihan. After eating, we played Cranium a super fun board game that will never get u bored. hehe. We were 2 teams, my teammates were Vanes, Meg and Nowie while the other team is composed of Margo, Bans, Jihan and Karla. We won the game 2/3 and the price is each one will treat the other team cupcakes in serendra. So after the game and lots of cam whoring ( and pamilya zaragosa photo shoots ) we went straight to Serendra to get our cupcakes. We said our goodbyes and then Karla and I had dinner in Hapchan in Market Market. After dinner, we headed straight to Greenhills to go to the exclusive lesbian party. We fetched Hazel first in Starbucks Greenhills Theater Mall then met up with Ycoy and Me-an in Manila DJ club. It’s been a long time since Ycoy and I got together in an exclusive lesbian party. I think it was 2 years ago since we’re together in that kind of party. We were both single then, but now she’s the only one who’s single I have a girlfriend with me. Hehe. That’s also a first time. hehehe. So it was the 5 of us in that party, had some drinks and danced the night away.

By the way, it’s our 1st monthsary and looking forward to the next ones.

here are the pix:



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