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sponteneity is the best policy February 4, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in Food tripping, personal, Travel.

Saturday, Feb 2, 2008. ( current physical condition: major coughing and sore throat).

We were supposed to go to a resort owned by Baby ( Karla’s best friend) in Cavite but at the last minute she had to cancel it to go to the doctor. Just for sponteneity’s sake, we still went to Cavite but instead we decided to go to Tagaytay ( it’s still in Cavite right? hehe). We hitched a ride w Thea ( my officemate/friend) who goes home to Cavite every weekend. Thea dropped us off ( by the way we’re with Vien in the car) in SM Bacoor then after that Vien went her way and karla and I waited for a bus going to Tagaytay. It was a long trip, we arrived Tagaytay about 7 pm ( we left sm bacoor at abt 4 pm). I haven’t felt the chills when we dropped off from the bus. I just realized it when were were already at Leslie’s. I didn’t even bring a jacket. Haha.

Karla haven’t experienced dining at Leslie’s so I decided to take her there for dinner. Actually, it’s my first time to be in Tagaytay with a girlfriend. I think I’ll discount the time when my ex and I had a field trip there.. It isn’t a date! It was mandatory at that time. Hehe. So we ordered the famous Bulalo. One order was for 4 people but we both feasted on it. Yeah, just the two of us. After dinner, we went to the photo op area; took some pictures of us. Too bad we weren’t able to get there during day time just to catch the view of Taal. Well that’s fine, we can always go back there . What’s important is that we’re together in Tagaytay. It was our first out of town trip. It was 9:00, we decided to go home. We don’t really plan on staying overnight, i’ll be staying at her place for the weekend. We didn’t really know how to go home. We stood on the main road outside Leslie’s and we saw a jeepney with a sign Pasay-Baclaran. Not knowing where how we’re going to get back to Manila, we rode that jeep. It was a 3 hour trip again. We changed jeeps, rode a jeep going to Alabang. It was about 11 something in the evening, we needed some caffeine inside our systems so we had our coffee in Starbucks ATC. We had some smoke then left ATC at abt 12:30. At last we arrived Karla’s house. It was a very tiring trip. Wow, sponteneity works! hehe.

Sunday, Feb 3, 2008 ( physical condition: lost my voice- imagine I sound like a frog!, less coughing, minor fever)

The next morning, we woke up abt 10 am. As you can see in the description above I got sick. Yes, I got sick. I’m lucky Karla took good care of me, made me drink my medicine and drink calamansi juice. I felt a little better, no more fever but I still don’t have my voice. I feel like I’m Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Ursula stole my beautiful singing voice. Hehe. Since it was a Sunday, it has been a routine in Karla’s family to visit their mom and have lunch with her. So, there I was trapped in a situation when I should face the music and finally meet THE MOM. Oh yes it’s like “Meet the Parents”. Well, I’ve already met her dad who caught me in my unglamorous self and interrogated my background. The meeting with her dad went well, we had some common discourses. Hehe. But this time, it’s THE MOM. I don’t know meeting the mom of my girlfriend is really something for me. I just hoped that she’s not very scary. So far I’ve only met one scary mom and that really traumatized me. The succeeding mom, hmm she’s very kind and accomodating. Karla’s mom was nice, she offered me food and I couldn’t even say no. Karla and I were opposites on the table: we were both on the far ends of the table ( imagine the table was oblong-shaped). I have a feeling that Karla was feeling stiff beside her mom hehe. She told me it was her first time to introduce ‘someone’ to her mom. It was flattering . It’s good that it went well, though I am feeling a little shy infront of her mom. After lunch, we left her mom’s house and went to the Fort.

We went to Market Market! first ate some merienda ( Henlin siomai and Pancit Malabon) then went inside the mall to roam around in the tiangge area. I was able to buy 2 books for just Php 19.00 and Php 29.00 each. I also saw a chihuahua toy so I bought it for my mom. After roaming around Market Market! we went to Bonifacio High Street to have some coffee in Seattle’s best. While we’re seated there, we watched the cute doggies passed by and had some intellectual discussions about feminism. We got hungry so we decided to eat dinner in Serendra. We really didn’t know what to eat so we decided to eat at Conti’s. Yummy. I’m feeling bad because I really can’t eat sweets since I am sick but after making lambing to Karla hehe she made me eat Mango Bravo. After dinner, we went home to Karla’s house again. What a perfect day until someone texted and asked “How are you? It’s been a while”. Ok, turn to the next page.

Monday, Feb 4 2008 (Physical condition: no more headaches, no more coughing, vocal chords still could sing duets with the frogs on the pond and also be the 4th chipmunk).

It’s a working day for Karla so we woke up early, hmm abt 7 am. We arrived at Greenbelt 1, Makati at abt 9 am. We bought some coffee to perk us up then after that we parted ways. I rode a cab going to my home in Sta. Mesa and she went straight ahead to work. I slept for a few hours and woke up at 1:30 pm to have a massage. After the massage, I went straight to Makati to have dinner with Karla.



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