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February 19, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in gigs, personal.

Wow, it’s been a long time since i’ve blogged here. I’ve been too lazy to blog hehe but I’ll just compress everything here in one entry. I’ll just mention the highlights of my life in the past week 😉

Thur, Feb 14.

Valentines Day, yes it is. It’s our first valentine’s. 🙂 We had dinner at Masa’s Greenbelt 2. We thought that The Dawn will be performing infront of Masa’s but instead it was near Spicy Fingers. Well anyway, we’ll just catch them again next week, feb 21 😉

fri, feb 15.

– my last day of my ‘normal’ life. After being in the morning shift months, i’m back to becoming a night crawler again. My new shift started feb 17, 8 pm to 5 am w rest days wed-thu. Grr, I hate the rest days but the shift is just ok.

After shift, there was a rally that was going on in Ayala. Ayala Ave was closed for vehicles to pass by. While we were just hanging out outside our building, Atty Raymond Fortun ( Estrada’s Impeachment Lawyer) was there in his not so lawyerly self. hehe. He looked like an ordinary mediaman ( well he has his cameras hanging around his neck). He insisted on taking a picture of us ( me, jomz, vien, karla, diane etc..) because it was a perfect moment when there are no vehicles in ayala. So he took 2 shots of us, one jump shot and one lonely prisoner shot ( imagine, we’re behind the railings in ayala?!).

Because of the rally, Karla and I decided to avoid Ayala and instead went to Trinoma and hung out there.

Sat, Feb 16
– Our first UP Fair! The line was really long. We arrived at abt 8:45 and we’re in line for almost more than an hr. Imagine ( well if you’re from UPd u can imagine this), the end of the line when we arrived there was near the entrance of the UP library. In my whole UP life, i’ve never experienced that. I think that was the longest line for the UP fair ever. Too bad I wasn’t able to catch some of my favorite bands like Urbandub and Pupil.. I don’t know if they already performed. We were able to catch Slapshock, Chicosci ( i love their performance: Paris and A Promise wooo!!), Greyhounds, Moonstar88, Markus Highway, Ursa Minor, Sugarfree, Cambio, The Jerks etc.. The UP Sunken Garden was jampacked with people, most especially punks! hehe.

Sun, Feb 17
– My first day of work in my new shift. So we both have to adjust. The good thing is that her work schedule is flexible and that her office is near mine. We could still arrange things for us to meet :).

Did I forget anything? Hmm I dont have my ‘diary’ here. hehe. 🙂 I better sleep, it’s now 8 am. I need to rejuvinate.



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