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I did it for love! ( of Krispy Kreme Donuts) March 24, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in Food tripping, Krispy Kreme.

March 24, after Holy week, I was so excited because Krispy Kreme will be opening at the ground floor of our building ( Jaka Building). I wanna be first in line because I wanna be included in the first 300 customers to have a dozen of donuts. I wanna be the first but unfortunately, there were 4 people on the line when I went down from at about 6 am.There were 2 guys who were about 20 something, a guy about 30 something and a teenage boy ( who was riding a helmet and mountain bike). Here are the stories of the guys who were lining up there: the 2 twenty-something guys were in line about 8 pm the night before, the 30 something guy was there about 11:30 pm and the teenage boy maybe around 5 am. The teenage boy by the way biked all the way from Monumento, Caloocan to Ayala, Makati ( he’s really desperate for donuts). Who wouldn’t? The prizes for the first 300 customers are:

first customer: 1 year supply of donuts ( weekly)
2nd customer: 6 months supply of donuts ( again weekly)
3rd customer: 3 months supply of donuts ( again weekly wahh!)
4th-300th customer: 1 month supply of donuts ( still weekly)

It was 7 am, people from another call center started lining up. Then, 9 am came, the store manager arrived and announced to us: “WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT KRISPY KREME WILL NOT BE OPENING TODAY, PROBABLY THIS WEEK. WE’LL JUST GET YOUR CONTACT NUMBERS SO THAT WE CAN NOTIFY YOU OF THE EXACT OPENING OF THE STORE”

Wow, imagine that. We lined up for nothing? Well actually no. Since I left my contact number there, I am expecting a surprise from Krispy Kreme ( konsuelo de bobo hehe). Actually, someone contacted me and said that I will be getting gift certificates so I’ll just claim it on the opening day.

I’m so excited for the opening. Can’t wait. 😉 Will be there on the line early, promise.



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