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Reunited and it feels so good… MTV Sessions feat. Pupil April 3, 2008

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Last night, Karla and I arrived early at Greenhills Shopping Center just to see Pupil. It’s for their MTV Sessions which I don’t know when it will be aired. hehe. We were there at about 4:30 because it says on gig sked 7 pm. Since it’s a free gig, we’re expecting lots of Pupil citizens waiting there. We were on the actual parking lot at about 6:15 pm, the MTV crew were still doing their soundcheck etc. Karla and I actually were the signal for the fans to go nearer the stage, we went forward then suddenly everybody followed us. haha.

Suddenly each of the band members were arriving, Yan Yuzon came first then Wendel then Dok but no Ely Buendia in sight.. it was already past 7:00 pm. So the rest of the band, Dok, Yan and Wendell had some soundcheck and even invited a Pupil fan onstage to jam with them ( just to kill time). At last Ely arrived, the show started I think 8:30 pm. And of course, the eager beavers we are, were infront of Ely Buendia. haha.. of course, for more band photos. As far as I can remember they sang more than 7 songs? The first song was “Matador” next was “Sala”, and I forgot the succeeding songs. I was sure they sang “Set me Apart” ( the Animax theme), ” Nasaan Ka”, “Sumasabay” ( both from their first album Beautiful Machines), “Animal Lover”, ” Monobloc” (their latest single), “Talon”. They had to perform “Matador” and “Animal Lover” again because the MTV crew wasn’t able to shoot it. Haha. So Yan instructed us to look surprised and excited as if we haven’t heard the song yet. After the last song, the crowd still wanted more so they performed 3 extra songs. Ely Buendia started the intro of “Overdrive”, an Eraserheads classic. I suddenly became nostalgic of my Eheads days, being infront of the stage. After “Overdrive”, Dok sang ” Sumasabay” and the last song was the ever famous “Pare Ko”. They actually don’t have a plan after the set list for the MTV Sessions hehe. And being the Ely Buendia fan of me, I rushed at the backstage to have my picture taken with Ely ( hehe, courtesy of Karla hehe). I so missed Ely, it’s been a long time since I’ve had my picture taken with him. I think the Eheads were still together then. I was a bit shy to approach him since I don’t know if he still recognizes me. So I approached Ely, said “Kamusta na? ” and the good thing is, HE STILL REMEMBERS ME! haha. Sarcastically, he said ” Pumapayat ka..” haha. I know, I know, I know it’s not true. He knows me when I was still in grade school then so he knew how I looked like when I was much younger.
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