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Eheads Night in Saguijo by Revolver Productions June 15, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in gigs.

Raymund Marasigan ( the ex-ehead) sessioning for Chico Sci

Since I am an Eraserheads fan, it is important for me to attend this event. Being a fan eversince the 4th grade, I was able to watch the Eraserheads as a group live. Now that they’re disbanded ( huhu 😦 ), all I can do now is watch other bands perform Eheads songs and be nostalgic about it. It was the Eheads night gig in Saguijo. Bands who performed were: Prank Sinatra, Purpled Chickens, Ernville, The Lowtechs, Spazzkid, Bagetsafonik, Imago and Chico Sci. The gig started at 9:00 pm. Each band performed some songs of the Eraserheads. The best version would be Purpled Chickens’s version of “Hula” and “Palamig”. Spazzkid’s remixes of “Kailan”, “Alapaap” and ” Superproxy” were unique ( you can check the clip of Spazzkid’s remix of Kailan here). And of course the coolest of course was when Raymund Marasigan sessioned for Chico Sci. They performed “Kailan” and “Magasin”. Also, Raymund played drums for Chico Sci songs such as “7 Black Roses”, ” A Promise” and ” Paris”. Before performing, Chicosci was doing soundcheck while Miggy of Chicosci is singing “Breakdown” of Mariah Carrey ( lolz :p ).

How I wish the Eheads get back together. But even though they’re not together anymore, I still support their individual bands. As what we eheads-listers say, “Long live the Eraserheads”.



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