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My new schedule sucks June 16, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in Call Center Life, personal, Random Thoughts.

I got my new schedule that will be effective 2nd week of July. This is probably the worst schedule that I got: 1 am – 10 am. WAhhh!!! And this will be my shift when we transfer to The Fort ( that will be August). I just don’t know if I can cope with that schedule since I am living in Sta. Mesa. It would be very expensive for me to take a cab all the way from Sta. Mesa going to Netquad at the Fort. Another factor to consider is my time with my partner. Now that I am in the morning shift we can see each other everyday and wouldn’t really mind of the time since we go out after my shift. It just saddens me because I have no choice in the shift schedules that the management gives us. The work pays a lot but I have to compromise other things in my life. It’s really hard to work in a Call Center. I wanna quit and pursue the work that I wanna do however the work I wanna do doesn’t pay that much. By the way, I am the breadwinner in this household so I can’t really make drastic decisions without considering my mom. She’s all that I got.



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