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Nostalgic about the Eraserheads June 17, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in gigs, personal.

( during the Aloha Milkyway launch at the Limits Bar in Ortigas)

Back in the years when the Eraserheads was still together, I got the chance to experience the things that a fan could ever dream of. Oh yes, I am a fan girl.

( This was my birthday then, in Common Ground Araneta Ave)

I started on being a fan eversince the 4th grade, I didn’t really focus on them yet since I was really a Pinoy rock enthusiast. When I was able to watch them the very first time on a gig in Heartbeat Disco ( oh yes, it was a gig place then hehe) that was about February of 1995, I was mesmerized and adored them immediately. I didn’t know that they’re really a good band. I remembered when I was in elementary, my mom would go with me to watch a gig. I was young then and have no friends who could go out with me on a gig so I brought my mom. My mom is really familiar with the heads, she would just sleep or stay on the side lines during a gig while I go mosh with the crowd 😉 .Starting that moment, I started collecting any material related to them. I also recorded their tv appearance. This may sound ‘jolog’ but I really did that. Until now I still have the old articles, magazines, posters, pictures, vhs tapes ( yeah it was vhs tapes then.. 😉 ) and albums. And being an internet geek at that time I joined the Eheads mailing list and also was able to meet some fellow eheads fans like myself. We called ourselves ‘circus freaks’ , adapting the 2nd album of the Eheads, “Circus”.

When I was in St. Scho, I have been dreaming of watching the Eheads live in our school. I have been insisting our Outreach Coordinator to organize a gig with the Eheads. It took the admin 2 years to agree for the Eheads to play since you know, our conservative sisters doesn’t want them playing in our school ( umm duhh, Slapshock, Chicosci and Greyhoundz played before them during our High School dance! imagine that?!!). Since I have been active in the outreach and have been vocal about my fanaticism with the eheads, my coordinator assigned me the task of interviewing them in a certain school in Mandaluyong. You know, for marketing purposes. I was advised only the night before that event and I didn’t really know what to do. I was given a set of questions and it was going to be videotaped. Oh yes, it was taped and was shown to the whole High School Dept while I was interviewing the Eheads ( I was shaking, literally). That interview got me the chance for them to know me as a fan at the forefront. I suddenly became a familiar face in their gigs and as I drop by to say hello to them would eventually lead to a conversation. The ehead member who got to know me really was Buddy since he was really the most approachable. I’m not saying that they’re not approachable as individuals, it’s just that we had the chance to have longer conversations than the others.

( That was me in pink, jamming “With a Smile”)

( Performing the song “Alapaap”)

Probably the greatest dream one fan ( and a guitarist) could ever imagine is to jam with her most favorite band. I got the chance to do that twice, during an event which was organized by the eheads management for the eheads mailing listers back then. It was a spontaneous gig that allowed fans also to perform with them onstage. The first jam, I played “With a Smile” and then the second time ( which was the next year), I jammed “Alapaap” with them.

The last close encounter that I had with them was prior to the release of their last album “Carbonstereoxide”. My classmates and I had a project in Media Ed and had to interview a band that we liked. We all liked the Eheads and I knew where to contact the management, so I set up an interview with them. The interview was set for Kampo in West Avenue, supposedly after their gig. Unfortunately, Julie ( their manager at that time) forgot that we have a schedule to interview them. The Eheads had already left the location since they are still shooting their video for their single ” Maskara”. Buddy was left there and he offered us to go to White Plains to just do the interview there. So there we were, senior high school students in a house in White Plains at 1 am. They needed ‘extras’ to be the party people in the party scene and the ‘masked’ people in a certain scene. We agreed to that, being fan girls. We did the interview at about 5 am then. Since we were brought there by Buddy, he offered to bring us to my house ( since that’s the nearest area from White Plains). That’s when I realized that he’s really such a gentleman. And this was the last encounter I had with them as a group.

( During the Carbonsteroxide autograph signing at Odyssey Megamall)

Then the news about the disbandment of the band came up. I felt so sad. Got the chance to text Buddy about it, he just said Ely just texted him that it’s over. And so it was. The greatest band had to part ways. It was hard to accept that they’re disbanded as a group. Even though they have already parted ways, I still continue to support them with their own bands. Though I don’t really collect anything anymore, when I get the chance I watch them during their gigs and drop by and say hello. It’s nice to know that they still recognize me as the young Eheads fan then.

Many bands come and go. They may do covers of Eheads songs but nothing really compares to them. I’m wishing that they reunite but I am not seeing it in the near future. Probably more than 20 years 😉 . Long live the Eraserheads!



1. karla - June 18, 2008

neneng nene pa 😀

2. rockerfem - June 18, 2008

wahaha lolz relatively payat pa ako niyan. hehe.

3. witsandnuts - June 24, 2008

Wow! I like Eheads, too. Treasured pix you got there. 🙂

4. rockerfem - June 24, 2008

yeah, super treasured.. I hope i could find my other eheads pix way, way back. huhu. thanks for dropping by! 😉

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