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Buhay Coke Bloggers Party June 19, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in Events.
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The word has spread about this blogger event for Coke Zero. (I actually got addicted to Coke Zero. Sarap eh. 🙂 )Everybody’s invited to come. I heard that guests are encouraged to come as angels or devils. Woohoo! Too early for halloween. Hehe. There will be loads of prizes to be given away plus, you’ll bring home a case of 330 ml of Coke Zero. Here are the details:

When: June 27, 2008, Friday, 7:00 p.m.
Where: Taste Asia (beside SM Hypermarket) at the Mall of Asia
Why: Para magsaya! Loads of prizes up for grabs!

Got this link from Karla Redor’s site if you are interested to come, just register here.



1. venice - June 22, 2008

hi sha! karla told me a few stories about you. 🙂 do you work for JPMC? i read lang that you’re a fraud analyst. i’ve been thinking of applying there kasi. anyways, i hope to meet you and karla at the Coke Party. Its funny you know, I’m a pepsi drinker but most of the time COKE is available so I have no choice but to buy COKE ZERO instead of PEPSI MAX. hehe. see ya! 🙂

2. rockerfem - June 23, 2008

Hi there 😉 Yup, I am working at JPMC. Actually Pepsi drinker din ako but I really got hooked sa Coke Zero. hehe. Hope to see you Coke party! Maybe we could chat a bit if you wanna apply sa JPMC.

3. karla - June 24, 2008

yep i told her about you 😀

go apply 😀

4. popazrael - June 28, 2008

i was there last night! grabe…massive coke hang over!

5. rockerfem - June 28, 2008

kaw sa coke ako beer hehe. libre eh. lolz. 😉

6. manila freelancer - June 28, 2008

hope to meet you next week in Taste Asia grabe andami pala pinoy bloggers

7. rockerfem - June 28, 2008

@manila freelancer,
yeah, dami tlga pinoy bloggers. it’s my first time to attend a blogger event. dami freebies! hehe lolz.. hope to meet you there next week too! 😉

8. Diane - June 29, 2008

Yup I was there din haha! 🙂 Punta ka ba next week? Hope to meet you there!

9. rockerfem - June 29, 2008

yup, pupunta ako next week sa pond’s kahit na may work ako ng 1 am, attack parin! hehe.

10. karla - June 30, 2008

i haven’t introduced you to sha yet. You’re going to the Pond’s blogger party? 😀

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