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The Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory July 2, 2008

Posted by rockerfem in gigs, personal.
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Updated: Please continue the discussion here

As I was reading through my inbox, I stumbled upon a message in the Eraserheads mailing list… The Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory. I suddenly got excited since I am fangirl of the Eraserheads. It made me curious so I clicked on the link.

Click on this tabachoi’s blogpost to check on this “reunion” theory.

I’ll also add another “clue” to this theory or probably a sign hehe.

CLUE or Sign number 3: In the NU 107.5’s daily countdown, all of the songs of wherein the respective bands of Eheads members are included in the countdown.


It might be a coincidence but today, Markus Highway’s “American Gurl” was number 1 while Sandwich’s “Betamax” and Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” are also part of the top 7. Hmmm.

CLUE or Sign number 4: The University Student Council in UP Diliman wants to have an Eraserheads reunion gig in UP for the centennial.
I was able to speak with the current USC president and was asking me if it would possible for a reunion gig. He would even let the UP President talk to them to make it possible, and she’s also willing to speak with them about it. I doubt it will happen but anyhow, they’ll still give it a shot. Well, they’re from UP after all even though they did not graduate their respective degrees.

Even though they won’t reunite this year, that’s fine. I can wait. 🙂



1. karla - July 3, 2008

sana magkaron ng reunion gig 🙂

2. VIIIXXXMMVIII - July 3, 2008


3. anonymous - July 4, 2008

keep your eyes open…it’s happening…

4. pinoy - July 4, 2008

an Eheads reunion?! pwede! How i wish.. and di yun impossible.

5. muskabeatz - July 4, 2008

cant hardly wait for this to happen! i’ve been missing them this past couple of days and feeling a bit nostalgic. hays! sana magreunion na!

6. anonymous - July 5, 2008

the date’s set already…no, it’s not wishful thinking…for the naysayers, all i’ll say is that this isn’t a rumor…

7. anonymous - July 5, 2008

…sorry, damned confidentiality agreement’s preventing me from saying anything beyond what i already have…

8. rockerfem - July 6, 2008

hmm hehe. cge, i understand. pero i won’t have high hopes. cool lang ako. though ikaloloka ko talaga ang event na iyan. kahit ano mangyari i have to be there. lolz, kahit mag-absent pa sa work.

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[…] Hmm I think this would be clue or sign number 5? Refer to my blogpost about the Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory […]

10. 1204 - July 7, 2008

I heard it’s REALLY HAPPENING….late August. The 4 of them, live on stage!!!! I have no details as to where and how to get tickets… Keep you ears on the ground….

11. BANANATYPE - July 7, 2008

just be prepared…just be prepared..spread the news it’s really going to happen..it’s not a conspiracy..it’s a reality..all of the things about this reunion concert will be validated..again, be prepared…

12. BIMBOY - July 7, 2008

narinig ko na nga yan..sana naman indi rumor kasi marami talagang may gusto nyan. kung late august may isang buwan pa ako mahigit para maghanda at mag-ipon..hehe puntahan natin lahat sugod mga kapatid

13. greatgenius10 - July 8, 2008

pwede siguro. pero tama ka. don’t have high hopes. ilang beses na taong nabitin. hehehe…

14. 1204 - July 8, 2008

… the only thing is that the event will only be open to adults 18 years old and above (mainly because of who the organizer is…) But I tell you, spread the word because this is a GO!!

15. rockerfem - July 9, 2008

redhorse ba yan? hehe. parang tagline lang ng redhorse eh, for 18 years old and above only. 🙂 sige wait ko nalang yang event na yan. aabutin ba ng 10k ang isang ticket? baka naman for invitation only. hehe

16. rock_on_the_rocks - July 10, 2008

bakit? red horse lang ba nag bisyo??? 🙂

i wonder…hindi kaya yung produkto na may government warning??????

contrary to what the other blogs are saying, dito actually sa blog na ito ni-reveal the date: VIIIXXXMMVIII

that translates to 8 30 2008

o di ba, parang da vinci code??? 😛

17. 1204 - July 10, 2008

hindi red horse….red din, at minsan may horse… 🙂

18. janep.org | the singapore and sydney blog » Blog Archive » VIIIXXXMMVIII - July 11, 2008

[…] There’s an ongoing conspiracy theory for a possible *ehem* Eheads Reunion concert. I read it first from Tabachoi and from Rockerfem. […]

19. rockerfem - July 11, 2008

onga naman. hehe lolz.. basta hindi pwede sa bata. hehe

20. mr.e - July 11, 2008

Contracts were already signed so this is really going to happen….

it is true… Eheads reunion… at the CCP grounds liwasang ipil-ipil… on August 30, 2008…

Tickets are gonna be sold via internet… more details to follow…

No more confidentiality to it…

21. rockerfem - July 11, 2008

@mr. e,
totoo ito? walang istir? post the link here ha? so that i could buy tickets na. 🙂

22. karla - July 11, 2008

weeee!!!! ihanda na ang credit card hehehe!

23. rockerfem - July 11, 2008

baka ma-decline ka! hehehe. ma-decline due to possible fraud, may temporary hold sa card mo. lolz..

24. perthewayck - July 11, 2008

wow… sureness!?!?!?!!?!?!!? di ako makahinga… shux..

25. Marvin - July 11, 2008

What the–

WAAH!! Kailangan ko na mag-ipon! Kitakits don, Sha pag nagkataon!

PS: mr.e, wag kang magbibiro ng ganyan.

26. rockerfem - July 11, 2008

onga, kita kits tyo dun! heheh…

kailangan mo ba ng oxygen? hehe. kelangan ka ng imouth-to-mouth niyan.. l;olz.

27. tabachoi - July 11, 2008

totoo na nga ata. yun nga lang, pano kaya chemistry ni Ely and Raims…

28. rockerfem - July 12, 2008

onga. I hope they reconcile their differences na. Sayang naman friendship nila. kahit na hindi sila talaga magbalikan as an actual band, i just hope they become friends again. yun lang. pero kung magbalikan sila, mas hapi! hehe 😉

29. rock_on_the_rocks - July 12, 2008

ako, honestly, walang bale if they don’t like each other. kung yung kasal nga eh minsan naghihiwalay, ano pa kaya ang apat na tao na naging isang grupo nung bata pa sila. masaya when people grow together, pero reality rin that they can also grow apart.

bottom line, excited ako for this reunion concert kasi i want to listen to them together 1 last time. bago naman sila nakilala as raimund, ely, buddy at markus eh nakilala ko sila as “eraserheads”. the music came first before the personalities.

30. It’s not a theory anymore, ERASERHEADS REUNITED « Slip Inside the Eye of My Mind - July 13, 2008

[…] so much blind items buzzing around cyberspace about the so-called “Conspiracy Reunion Theory“, now it’s been confirmed THE ERASERHEADS WILL BE REUNITING FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. So, the […]

31. rockersworld.com » Eraserheads Reunion Concert is Confirmed - July 13, 2008

[…] first heard the speculation from Tabachoi and Sha. I was actually with Sha at Gateway when some of her UP friends approached her about the USC in UP […]

32. oo, gusto kong sumama! « howling at the moon - July 14, 2008

[…] there have been murmurs on blogs, forum threads and mailing lists about this concert for a week or so now, with confirmations coming in over the weekend. So now if […]

33. Blog, Pipi at Bingi - July 14, 2008

Sayang one time lang, sana maulit, sana wag na maghiwa hiwalay pa!

34. rockerfem - July 14, 2008

@blog,pipi at bingi,
ok lang yan. at least nagkasama-sama. magkikita din yan sa dulo. hindi pa ito dulo, gitna palang ito. 🙂

35. MiNARi - July 17, 2008

pupunta ako…

malamang di na kinaya na ng pride ni ely buendia…

or dahil lang bah sa pera…

ang buhay nga naman…

36. rockerfem - July 18, 2008

i wish they didn’t do it for the money. but they deserve to be paid din naman ,they are after all rockstars and they need royalties. mapapansin naman yan eh when you see them onstage if they’re not yet ok. let’s wait and see. ely is very transparent and you can see whether or not he does not like what he’s doing.. 😉

37. kapekapaba - July 20, 2008

salamat po mr. marlboro!

38. mark_69 - July 22, 2008

mga bro! im avid fans of eheads since they start up to the brightest spot of they music career as a group band! for me, that rumor makes me feel so very happy…i know n matagal na yan ngunit di matuloy tuloy! hopefully this time the said date august 30, 2008 matuloy na kahit ONE NIGHT ONLY!!!! so far i dont see any problem about that..its beeing their pride, kaya di matuloy tuloy..pero marami ang nag aantay sa kanila at isa na ako don…kapag natuloy yan mag iiba ang music industry natin pati nadin sa mga other bands na na dis band nadin..that there is no imposible kung gusto nilang magsama sama ulit at buhayin ang music n nag pasikat at nakilala sila….ERASERHEADS pls.. do it for the fans and for the music industry….mga katulad nyo ang kailangan namin as an inspiration….goodluck to eraserheads, ely, raimond, buddy and marcus…

39. mark_69 - July 22, 2008

mga eraserheads fanatic pls join me for this..na hopefully matuloy n ang CONCERT NILA kahit ONE NIGHT ONLY pls guys, girls, bro., sister., lahat ng mahilig sa music….pls consider this a phenominal and historical for this band and for the music industry……..tnx

40. rockerfem - July 22, 2008

@mark_69 and kapekapaba,
thanks for commenting, i’ve already moved to a new domain so check out the latest blogposts there 🙂 http://www.rockerfem.com

41. jhoy - July 23, 2008

san mkakabili ng ticket for the concert?? (^_^)

42. rockersworld.com » Eraserheads Reunion Concert is Confirmed - July 23, 2008

[…] One commenter from Sha’s blog said: bakit? red horse lang ba nag bisyo??? i wonder…hindi kaya yung produkto na may government warning?????? […]

43. rockerfem - July 24, 2008

@jhoy, please proceed to http://www.rockerfem.com and let’s continue the discussion there. thanks!

44. harjae - July 24, 2008

where can i get the ticket?

45. harjae - July 24, 2008

pls po pki txt nyo ako kung san pweding makuha ang ticket 09192020591!!!!! pls lang po! tnx. harjae from pampanga

46. rockerfem - July 27, 2008

hi 🙂 like i’ve mentioned from my prev comment, i’ve already moved to a domain, http://www.rockerfem.com. that’s more updated, let’s continue the discussion there thanks!

47. chryzzz..... - August 5, 2008

san makakakuha ng ticket??

48. rockerfem - August 5, 2008

we can continue our discussion in my blog http://www.rockerfem.com, i have already moved in a domain as what is indicated on the updated entries and also the comments here thanks. i wont be blogging here anymore.

49. ely - August 26, 2008

tangina! pano ba makakakuha ng ticket

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