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Reminiscing “A Very Early Morning with The Eheads” July 14, 2008

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This was a blow by blow account of my experience with the Eraserheads while they were shooting the “Maskara” video for the Carbonsteroxide ( their last) album. I tried to find this in the Circus mailing list, glad it’s still there… This was back in 2001, I was in 4th year high school then. Neneng pa. lolz. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the negative of the pictures taken here, jolog pa nun eh, no digicam yet. Hehe. In the video, I was part of the “party people” and one of the victims of the “face snatcher”. (more…)


It’s not a theory anymore, ERASERHEADS REUNITED July 13, 2008

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There’s so much blind items buzzing around cyberspace about the so-called “Conspiracy Reunion Theory“, now it’s been confirmed THE ERASERHEADS WILL BE REUNITING FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. So, the people ( or person?) who has been commenting on my blogpost is saying the truth. Read the article of Ricky Lo in Philippine Star. This will be at the CCP Grounds and it will be on August 30, 2008 ( VIIIXXXMMVIII) , as what ‘anonymous’ have been saying in my previous blogpost. I will definitely be there whatever happens. Circus, the official Eraserheads mailing list is active again, woohoo! This is not a speculation anymore, it’s has been confirmed. Now the only thing I need to know now is to where and how to get those tickets. 🙂 wahhhh!

New Version of “Ang Huling El Bimbo” featuring Ely Buendia and FILharmonika July 6, 2008

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Just got this email from the Eheads mailing list:

There’s a new version of “Ang Huling El Bimbo” performed by Ely Buendia,
backed by FILharmoniKa, an orchestra under the baton of Gerard Salonga. It
will be premiered this afternoon in Jam 88.3. I think RJ will play it
tomorrow afternoon also. NU 107 will (hopefully) play this starting Monday
or Tuesday.

This version is part of a new album called “Kumpas”, an album of orchestral
reworkings of popular pinoy rock songs.

If you like the version, pls request it. 😀


Can’t wait to hear this version. 🙂

Hmm I think this would be clue or sign number 5? Refer to my blogpost about the Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory 🙂

The Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory July 2, 2008

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Updated: Please continue the discussion here

As I was reading through my inbox, I stumbled upon a message in the Eraserheads mailing list… The Eraserheads Conspiracy Reunion Theory. I suddenly got excited since I am fangirl of the Eraserheads. It made me curious so I clicked on the link.

Click on this tabachoi’s blogpost to check on this “reunion” theory.

I’ll also add another “clue” to this theory or probably a sign hehe.

CLUE or Sign number 3: In the NU 107.5’s daily countdown, all of the songs of wherein the respective bands of Eheads members are included in the countdown.


It might be a coincidence but today, Markus Highway’s “American Gurl” was number 1 while Sandwich’s “Betamax” and Pupil’s “Disconnection Notice” are also part of the top 7. Hmmm.

CLUE or Sign number 4: The University Student Council in UP Diliman wants to have an Eraserheads reunion gig in UP for the centennial.
I was able to speak with the current USC president and was asking me if it would possible for a reunion gig. He would even let the UP President talk to them to make it possible, and she’s also willing to speak with them about it. I doubt it will happen but anyhow, they’ll still give it a shot. Well, they’re from UP after all even though they did not graduate their respective degrees.

Even though they won’t reunite this year, that’s fine. I can wait. 🙂

Nostalgic about the Eraserheads June 17, 2008

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( during the Aloha Milkyway launch at the Limits Bar in Ortigas)

Back in the years when the Eraserheads was still together, I got the chance to experience the things that a fan could ever dream of. Oh yes, I am a fan girl. (more…)

Eheads Night in Saguijo by Revolver Productions June 15, 2008

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Raymund Marasigan ( the ex-ehead) sessioning for Chico Sci

Since I am an Eraserheads fan, it is important for me to attend this event. Being a fan eversince the 4th grade, I was able to watch the Eraserheads as a group live. Now that they’re disbanded ( huhu 😦 ), all I can do now is watch other bands perform Eheads songs and be nostalgic about it. It was the Eheads night gig in Saguijo. Bands who performed were: Prank Sinatra, Purpled Chickens, Ernville, The Lowtechs, Spazzkid, Bagetsafonik, Imago and Chico Sci. The gig started at 9:00 pm. Each band performed some songs of the Eraserheads. The best version would be Purpled Chickens’s version of “Hula” and “Palamig”. Spazzkid’s remixes of “Kailan”, “Alapaap” and ” Superproxy” were unique ( you can check the clip of Spazzkid’s remix of Kailan here). And of course the coolest of course was when Raymund Marasigan sessioned for Chico Sci. They performed “Kailan” and “Magasin”. Also, Raymund played drums for Chico Sci songs such as “7 Black Roses”, ” A Promise” and ” Paris”. Before performing, Chicosci was doing soundcheck while Miggy of Chicosci is singing “Breakdown” of Mariah Carrey ( lolz :p ).

How I wish the Eheads get back together. But even though they’re not together anymore, I still support their individual bands. As what we eheads-listers say, “Long live the Eraserheads”.